Jean With Crafts

Jean Simpson

All my life I have been artistic and have dabbled in many art forms. I’ve worked as a technical artist, graphic artist, topographer, and illustrator.  At one I time studied at the art institute. The design for my web site logo was drawn by myself many years ago as the wolf really speaks to me as a totem and the lessons he brings. I’m drawn to plants, animals, and people. I have been crafting all my life. “Arts by Jean” has been in business for more than 25 years. As a person, I tend to be attentive to details and bring that into my artwork. If I wouldn’t wear it  or display it in my own home, I would never sell it. Each piece is handmade and unique in its own way. I also honor tradition and have respect for the items I make, especially ceremonial pieces.

There is nothing I enjoy more than to see a piece that I have made find its home with someone, and to see the pleasure in their eyes as I have passed on my gift to another.

I regret the impersonal “progress” we have made as a society as sales are not so face to face anymore and something is lost in the process.  I would consider a “Ceremonial Trade” on some of the items I make, or you can submit a price to me and we can have the fun of haggling.  So, I enter the “New Age” and hope our business will be a pleasure for all.  You never know what new items I may post, as I am always making something new or coming up with another idea, so please keep coming back.  I thank you for your interest .

When you order a special item other than those on display for sale, it would be nice to speak on the phone.  So to  get a better feel for what you want, of course I could do the whole e-mail thing if preferred.  Depending on what you want it could take a week or several.  I will be up front with you on what I can and cannot do. I will stand by my products and refund in full (unless damaged) except for shipping and handling for up to 30-days after purchase.